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Heating principle of metal heating chip

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Heating principle of metal heating chip

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The electric heating plate is a kind of thin heating product that converts electric energy into thermal energy. Its main working principle is to release heat through internal resistance heating wire. The thin electric heating plate has many advantages and advantages.

1. The power of the heating chip is of high stability with no heat loss and the thermal transfer rate is over 98%.

2. The internal resistance of the electric leaf lines are composed of iron chromium or nickel chromium alloy plate, the two kinds of material properties can be according to their own temperature to adjust the resistance size, that is, how many degrees when the temperature increases, the resistance increased, thereby reducing power, also known as electric heating temperature of the limit function, temperature control switch can be configured at the same time, double insurance, greatly improving the use of safe hidden trouble;


3. The insulation materials used for the electric heating sheet have high insulation performance, and the internal resistance circuit design can achieve all the indicators.

4. The internal resistance line of the electric heating plate is embedded, which is longer in service life than traditional electric elements and is not easy to be oxidized due to its features of rapid temperature rise and rapid heat dissipation;

5. In terms of installation, it is convenient to use immediately. It does not require too much manpower and material resources, and its thickness is rather thin.

6. The thin electric heating plate is a surface heating source, so the heat does not have a strong sense of burning. It is understood that infrared wave will also be generated, which is more acceptable to users than the dry or hot temperature generated by the traditional electric heating element;

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